Sleep Paralysis or Duplexity

Sleep but not deep
Mind awake but not complete
Control of muscles
Not in my control
Haunted and horrified
I feel paralysed
Try my best to open my eyes
Scream for help and move my hand
This terrorised immobility, I cannot understand .

I notice the doorknob rotating
Hear footsteps of someone prowling
Feel the touch of creepiness
Surveilling glance of sinisterness
See a devil floating around
In pool of fear, I get drowned
Someone unwanted in my room?
An intruder, I presume!

Pressure is on my chest and I'm strangled
My body smothered and my gullet throttled
Suffocated I am, as about to die
An unseen force, I spy
And suddenly appears a demon
Seized I am completely by the evil
He grasps and puts me in sack
Or is it incubus attack?

I spin, I fly
I fall, I glide
I hover up above myself
From my body, I feel expelled
I sense another set of body
Identical to mine virtually
This out of body experience
Is apparently consistent
With omnipresent and paranormal dualism
Divinely soul and body relation.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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