When dark spell of night tames the day
Convoy of moon along with stars, gallop their way
From the day's toil, I simmer down
Crawl into to the bed and sleep sound
My mind dives into the sea of dreams, very deep
To a parallel universe, I take a quantums' leap
Or pass through a wormhole to travel the time and place
Burried intense deep in my memory's base
At other time I dream-lag
The day residues, in my mind wag
The visions stage bountiful themes
No control over the episodes I have in my dreams
My memories take roller coaster's drive
And daily I live another life
Next morning as soon as I wake
Like a glass, these hallucinations break
But lingering thoughts take over me
Then off my soul I lay the debris
Softly or hardly,. I pour it down
Consciously my subconscious I unbound
My imaginations that ran wild
Penned are those as my brainchild

Saima Qureshi ©️

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