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You’d be surprised to know I still look at your picture saved in the vaults of my phone. The one where we smiled and the room was vibrant, and the lights were red and blue, and the world seemed like a different place.
Surprises often come in many hues Blue, black, yellow, green and white too Today morning I got a surprise in red A flower for which I waited since long Finally decided to bloom after nine years
When you told me that you didn’t love me. I was not surprised. I did not stop to question how you couldn’t love someone as empty as myself. I was disappointed, I will admit it, but isn’t this always how it goes?
Today is the worst day. I knew it would be. My last goodbye to you Was yesterday And I look back To see what I missed A call, a text, a post Should I have Called you, texted, replied?
The moving force was slow and steadyWith wheels that groaned "Are we there already?"The complex grinned with sandy windows,"Say goodbye to your driver, fellows.I've come to wrench her from your seats
Dear whomever, “Dear” can’t encompass you. My greatest, most foolish love Dear isn’t nearly enough Not for you God help me
What you hear or what you see Is not always what it seems. Surprises come and go Just like dreams.
From moving houses within the same area To doing internships with wonderful people A year can feel like quite an era When you are busy with workloads quite lethal   2016 was a year of change
Unbeknownst to me that he would he one I didn’t want to forget The tables have turned No longer do I crave soul after soul No longer do I run away in fear of the soul following me
Look Listen  Smell Taste Touch  Each sense never perfectly replicated Each experience unique Because nothing is as it was before Life Constantly surprises Never boring us
Sweet, musky scentthat rises the stripedstairs into my nostrilsand opens my eyesto see a blurred, blue silkysmooth crashing, clutchfrom the shoving mobbehind me, intoa forgotten memory, whose
"To whom do these concern?"  How this question vexes me.  Can you not see the depth of my soul already? Have I not revealed to you enough?  Are you so ignorant that you can not decipher these yourself?
The first wound slice an peel back skinning. Peel away the  skin from the flesh. The sickly sweet  and putrid oder fills the room. It intoxicates me. only makes me work harder
Love comes quietly and under the cover of friendship. Like a cat in the night. If you hear bells, get your ears checked. I never thought I'd see it. The day that we two got together.
The sun bursting through Dense clouds of despair and doom, Is this turn of time. The work completed, The pat-on-back I needed. Freedom without crime.
What seemed a rock is now a jewel. Your beauty was an unexpected gift. To ignore this gem would be too cruel, When the veil of doubt I’ve just begun to lift. Every new facet is a joy to me,
I don’t want to write a poem for you It’s just not something I am into At least not at this particular second And not just because you beckoned
Doubt, doubt, whine and pout Sore, sore, because you know nothing anymore
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