The Worst Day



Today is the worst day.
I knew it would be.
My last goodbye to you
Was yesterday
And I look back
To see what I missed
A call, a text, a post
Should I have
Called you, texted, replied?
You left, you're gone.
What should I think?
How did you feel?
We need to talk!
I want to say
"I love you",
and touch you, don't leave
me alone.
It's over.
The worst day;
I can't believe it.
Today is the worst day.
I knew it would be.
I'll say goodbye to you,
Tomorrow, and
All I will see
Are things that I miss
A smile, a voice, a hug
Instead of
Sadness, flowers, graveside.
You're gone, I'm left
How can I think?
How should I feel?
I cannot talk.
Your friends all say
they loved you.
They salute, and leave
you alone.
It's over.
The worst day;
I can't sustain it
Today is the worst day.
I knew it would be.
I said goodbye to you
But tomorow
I will be left
With things that I miss
Your warmth, your love, your laugh
Replaced by
The shock, the ache, my tears
Please leave, be gone.
I need to think,
I need to feel.
I want to talk.
My friends all say
"We love you"
And hug me, and leave.
I'm alone.
It's over.
The worst day?
I'm going to make it.
David C. Rogers

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I finally read your poem and it hit me in the chest we miss the person so much we want to be upset but not at them but upset for the memories we were left with with guess who I saw today an old friend but cant txt you because you are gone and I wont get a reply back thank you for recommending this poem your work is great


Thank you for the feedback. I wrote this poem after my first visit to my father's grave. Always feel free to email greatlakes.entries
I use g mail


it must ha e been hard to open up and post your work but I'm glad you did I can relate in some level I hope I got your email right I sent you a message


feel free to reach out, email or txt

Or 989 272 1522

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