The Upstairs Neighbors

The moving force was slow and steady
With wheels that groaned "Are we there already?"
The complex grinned with sandy windows,
"Say goodbye to your driver, fellows.
I've come to wrench her from your seats
And throw her into the bustling streets."


The stairs were rickety and the luggage heavy
But I worked all day till I was good and sweaty.
Waving the moving workers goodbye
Whilst they paced and sobbed in soft sigh
I perked my chin to the ceiling above
Where an unspeakable racket was abuzz!


"Quiet down!" my voice came ringing--
Nothing but endless bangs came singing.
And for twenty nights it continued on
With the arrogance of late Agamemnon!
I wondered what it could possibly be
That would cause a smashing of such degree!


I finally snapped in bed late one night
When my legs were throbbing, poised for a fight!
"I'm telling you, quit your yapping!"
And I stomped up the steps, head full of whacking.
But what did I find instead of a drum or drill?
Why, some children stomping on my anthill!



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My community
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