Red Surprise



Surprises often come in many hues
Blue, black, yellow, green and white too
Today morning I got a surprise in red
A flower for which I waited since long
Finally decided to bloom after nine years
It was early October years ago I'd gone for a walk
Saw this red hibiscus flower hung on a plant
Left forlorn and discarded in the corner as if no one wanted
There aren't many lovers of hibiscus unlike the big bro rose
The king of flowers that has wooers and bidders in galore
I was lonely too thought we would make a great couple
Brought it home and offered her a place on the terrace next to study room
Every morning before starting the day for all these years
The first thing I did was to say hello to Hibiscus
It never wished me back but I kept the ritual on
I earnestly waited for the red surprise I saw many years ago
Every passing year brought more and more disappointments
Hibiscus seemed angry refused to bloom for God knows why
Was it because it didn't like me or the new home I gifted her
Only yesterday I contemplated putting it back to where it came
Who says telepathy happens only among humans
It happened between me and Hibiscus and she knew my plans
Maybe she was too shy to acknowledge her love for me all these years
Never had the courage to show her floral emtions to all and sundry
Lo and behold she finally decided to surprise me
This morning gave me the surprise I waited since ages
Who says surprises don't come in colours I got mine in red


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