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Silence, my loyal companion, enfolds mein the embrace of solitude’s sanctuary,where words dare not tread, forsaking her.With vacant eyes, she wields a brushand paints a portrait of the deity forlorn,narrating tales without the need for speech.In u
See Dark skin just mean more sun block, it got absolutely nothing to do with 'Races'. It Just means Your Ancestor, lived in places closer to the Equator. the Sun was stronger,
The fear of dying, a shadow that creeps, A constant companion, in our hearts it sleeps. It lurks within us, from birth till end, A reminder of our mortality, an unwelcome friend.
The earth, our home, we take for granted We ravage and plunder, our greed is enhanced We pollute the air, we poison the seas We destroy the forests, with little ease
Love is the epitome of unconscious doubt. Seeing me bare in my inadequacies unfolds me in the trepidation. Whilst still containing my devoted love for you my anxieties torment my body. The only love I know is fear.
Sob a forma de nuvens errantes, Caminhamos ao nosso Réu: Que sonhos tivestes, jovem pedante, até que atirastes ao léu?  
Gasping sounds Bright force Her desire burns like a fire A thirst so strong it builds the desire Her feet runs old from the cold night Her hands run dry from non-discovery
She whispers her melodies in the early morning, soft yet bold,  her blue green soul, hypnotic and chaotic is the sea,  unyielding before me.   
I sit at my cafeteria table surrounded by many but feeling alone. I look out upon the place that is supposed to be happy and fair, instead I see girls that drink iced coffee for every meal, 
i read between the lines on her wrists and uncovered a story worth writing i saw the first tear, caught the second and stopped the third from dropping her red-rimmed eyes  held a suprise a well kept secret;
Everybody is equal  No one is differnent Due to color or race We treat people equal   Love is Love We smile when we see it  We all love, it is a guarantee But it is up to you to believe 
Pains nurge my eyes,Agony throbs my thighs,Affliction chokes my breast,Anxiety grips my chest. My  head beats rhythmically,What can free me physically?These pains flog me brutally,Casually, I glide into misery. Being deprived of my feelings,I figh
Yeah i know it's you i won't react because there is nothing between us stranger we just looked at each other and cracked that stranger smile of us and left the place burning em up their are empty slots between us of brokenness or nothing else you
He touched me once. Every bone in my body melted. My figure, puddled around his feet. I am yet to recover. D.C Garriott
One Day One day It only takes one day to meet you and fall in love with Your beautiful smile that illuminate a whole Country; you make ligth when there is darkness, 
Smile to show pure joy  Smile to mask the weight placed on  your shoulders ...   Smile when you feel like the world is over
Getting up out of the mud washing off dry crusty dirt, cleansing my mind and thoughts of all bitterness and all hurts...   I forgive you...  
Let me spill happiness on the road leading to your soul like spilled incense from a censer.
  I. Those shadows lingered hesitantly, quivering across the reflection confined in that damned mirror. 
You were my best friend, Until change suddenly came And took you from me
Green light at the end of my bed. What am I almost dead? Almost thirty to forty thinking about fifty, Maybe will have a heart attack and still feel so empty
I can see you but cannot be with you I can go shopping but i shouldn't cough Oh, those plans you had You'd better put them off Is it really that bad?  dont forget, not to cough
Vibrant and Bright May this color of pink soften you  Pink made of skin. Pink made of salt.  Pink is when red is innocent from pain  Pink, like my cheeks when i write your name 
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