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If I could Come back in time To that moment To your arms   I'm locked now in this timeline watching you in loop Maybe you've even forgotten But I keep this alive
If again we ever come across I shall then to you explain The streets I had to cross To keep you far away   It's hard to come closer Sometimes try to hide But closer driven
The time is ticking It's what they say I'm lost into some limbo Whatching you all the day From this tragedy-like dream Until my sanity fades away   I still dream about your look
It's been a week we met Since that, life's mare How long shall it last? You're so unique You're the one  with whom my life I may share   I want to hold
I wonder about your feelings You didn't try to hide You were shinning, dazzling Then I repelled you,  Choosing a different side   Even in between the lasers And all those party lights
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