Our bubbles collide

Mon, 01/20/2020 - 16:55 -- 7plasma

If again we ever come across

I shall then to you explain

The streets I had to cross

To keep you far away


It's hard to come closer

Sometimes try to hide

But closer driven

For our bubbles to collide


And now I try to fix

'Cos I know that was my fault 

What I feel I guess won't cease

We're one, one single soul


What does it feels like?

Like the rush or abstinence

That's hard to describe

Maybe a pleasant pain

You know you'll get hurt

But you want that again


That's how it feels like

My days for that night

My heart for your life

Reaching deep my soul

When our feelings collide


This poem is for the girl I met at the Boxed Bar in Leicester during the NYD party on 01.01.2010;

She's shown until now to be the hardest person to find and I don't really know why I continue writting about her;

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