How you impact me

Mon, 01/13/2020 - 17:58 -- 7plasma

The time is ticking

It's what they say

I'm lost into some limbo

Whatching you all the day

From this tragedy-like dream

Until my sanity fades away


I still dream about your look

'Cos firstly I coundn't believe it

But then I guessed I should

You maybe  just got me so shy

I simulate the day I find you

To explain you the reason why


I'm not religious

But I did pray to God

To even forget you

Begging this pain to stop


What's our fate?

What's your life like?

What's the distance

To have you by my side?


This poem is for the girl I met at the Boxed Bar in Leicester during the NYD party on 01.01.2010;

It comes from what I'm feeling now while trying to find her;


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