To the girl I ignored at the NYD party in Leicester

Sat, 01/11/2020 - 17:08 -- 7plasma

I wonder about your feelings

You didn't try to hide

You were shinning, dazzling

Then I repelled you, 

Choosing a different side


Even in between the lasers

And all those party lights

Everything was dark

Until I could see your eyes


In the end I've chosen my mind

Racionality told me, you ain't right

My heart is sliced, 

The thuth is a knife


I don't even know your name

Got no clue about where you are

A record is all I have

I watch the sky, looking for a star




This poem is for the girl I met at the Boxed Bar in Leicester during the NYD party on 01.01.2010;

It comes from what I'm feeling now while trying to find her;


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