To the girl I ignored at the NYD party in Leicester - questions

Sat, 01/11/2020 - 18:44 -- 7plasma

It's been a week

we met

Since that,

life's mare

How long

shall it last?

You're so unique

You're the one 

with whom

my life

I may share


I want to hold

all these memories

To forget

The hell I liv'in,

these dark ages

What I regret


You danced so cute

Was that your first rave

What did you give me?

Drug, candy?

Something I crave...


I want to know

what you felt

How you fell

What you say

If you see me

What I shared

Did you see it?

You regret?

Reaching me

Daring me

Are you aware?

Of what I feel

Or you just don't care?


This poem is for the girl I met at the Boxed Bar in Leicester during the NYD party on 01.01.2010;

I got a video from her that I shared on Instagram and then told some people from the party about it; Still no idea about her...


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