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My fire comesfrom mother's joywho waddles and standson bending knee, breaking backfor the joy of me.I am inspired.  My fire sparksfrom your heart and mine
There is prejudice still living in the veins of this countryIt seeps in and taints like poisoned blood manifesting into senseless body bags from killers corrupted by ignoranceYour hatred is a disease
growing falling learning the leaves grow and then they fall and then they grow back again growing falling learning  
To inspire, to motivate. And his words have shown me who I should be and what I should work for. To help To care To love Those around us.  He shows me that we live to help others
I've said goodbyes and had close calls My grandparents and aunts, I lost them all My mom's stroke could have been much worse My dad's illness is still running its course All the pain takes its toll
Tiny Humans Running, jumping, climbing. Taking in the world. Drinking it up Like dry deserts in the rainy season.
It used to be the storm. A hurricane surrounding me  until I couldn’t breathe;  The world spinning and collapsing Not hearing a single sound
Today Off you go my dears to fight a war you know nothing of Fire in your bellies Youth in your veins Raising your fists to the opposition while you are still too young to know what oppositions means
dry eyes aching hearts  make it stop  aching souls  prayers and thoughts make it stop too fast  last week he spoke to me fear pervades sorrow pervades loneliness pervades
  Near the hazy streetlamps Shrouded by the storm, I walk down the street Head down, boots splashing in puddles,
I breath in the crisp air coming in a life giver My mother the one who embraces me with warm hugs My father the provider the one has sacraficed so much just for me
to inspire is to break the rules of poems. the end.
When in college, life gets really tough. When in college, keeping up with relationships gets rough. When in college, sometimes you feel like you aren't enough.
I wish you were here. My heart is writhing in agony of not having known you. You were not mine But the love I have for you is real. I wish you were here.
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