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Trayvon Martin was bright, who died at 17.  A young African American male who was victimized by a white monster named,  George Zimmerman,  who was 43. Sick, sick, sick. So, twisted, that we thought it was racist. 
Minutes pass as the sun drops into the Hudson River The George Washington Bridge looms above all of this New York lights up in its glory and spectacle From the bridge it is a sight that is not to be missed A tired, weary traveler still on his way
Seventeen, young and dead From one man's gun he bled Court, Trial, and Verdict Zimmerman was the one the jury picked He would leave a free man Defense was the reason at hand
In Sanford,Florida 2012 Trayvon Martin was shot but who's going to jail Word says that Zimmerman shot him and pleaded self-defense But who really knows the truth without real evidence Policeman left to right
Do you mind if I fall in love with you? Because We can make something so special. Hope I'm not fooling myself. Beautiful thing so sweet, hope you're good for my health. Soon as I kiss you, I know you'll be right for me.
Technology is a pretty cool thing And saves us from getting into a lot of trouble. And not just the “typing ten pages in one night because you procrastinated” kind of trouble.
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