Nightfall on the Bridge


Minutes pass as the sun drops into the Hudson River The George Washington Bridge looms above all of this New York lights up in its glory and spectacle From the bridge it is a sight that is not to be missed A tired, weary traveler still on his way Notices the sights from his white Chevrolet With the feeling of astonishment he cannot express He was just as astonished as ever, I guessed Illuminated luster on both the left and the right The spectacle of millions of electric lights The traveler on the bridge was impressed by all this New York was just something he could not resist This all happened one time at nightfall on the bridge When the New York City skyline becomes hard to resist Stories of such great astonishment do, in fact, truly exist



This poem, "Nightfall on the Bridge", was written entirely at Rigoletto Restaurant in the Bronx in March 2012.  I wrote this to show how accomplished I would become as a poet later on. 

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