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Tingly, sensation running through my body Excitement coursing in my veins The unknown is everything before me What has passed sets a foundation for today  
But what am I focusing on? I am only here for a short amount of time; then I am gone…   Gone with the wind, wrestling the trees,  making crisp air for us to breath.
Negative Poem Late at night and deep into my thoughts Wrestling with all of the emotions I got   It’s coming all too quickly; and I am scared Unprepared.
Have you heard of The beautiful VSCO Girl? Her undeniable beauty is Designed to amaze you.   She wears Burkenstocks, assuming An air of indifference. Donning her oversized T-shirt
I've changed. He's changed. She's changed. Why is everyone changing? Best years of our lives right? What's true is that now, we learn how to hide it. We learn how to hide our feelings. Our love. Our growth.
Change is the beat of a drum Nothing expected from the entrance of adolescence Time marches along, numb   The tenth year, nothing will ever be colored bubble gum
First day of high school idk all these people time to start a new 
Childhood was a time where imagination soared, A time when we were never bored. We lived our lives with joy in our hearts, And each new day had its own golden start.
My mind flooded with thoughts such as “What if they don’t like it?” and “What will they think?” 
Little kids yearn to be older:  To become independent and make adult decisions. "I can't wait to go to college and get married in London," said 6 year old me, on my way to the park to have a play date 
When I began to notice flowers I knew I was growing When I began to look at flowers I knew I was growing When I began to smell flowers I knew I was growing
Looking back at the old days They would look at me and call me gay I felt lose in the crowd because I wasn't the same But I knew who I was and that was okay I grew stronger and knew my worth
Age crept up on me like a shadow slinking infrom an open window: light at first,growing larger and larger as the sun grewriper and redder behind the treetopsbeyond my apartment.
You would think after dating someone for a whole year that you would know what to get them for your one year anniversary.  365 days of talking almost every day and I still sometimes forget the simple things 
You were annoying You never left me alone You wanted to be me I was mean I didn't want you around I pushed I pressured You caved I saw you hanging I cried I prayed
They said my glow up had hit me hard What I didn’t know was their betrayal that would hit me harder Because my real glow up didn’t come until I was broken hearted 
Bottled up inside Are things that I never said, The temptations that I hide The lines you never read   Look at my eyes, Read my face,
2015 ,I became a freshmen you see but as a young girl I did not know I was fresh meet during that time I was running to compete a student-athelete that had to be light on her feet
  When the girls can no longer wear shorts Or bras with too much supports Because the men will try their luck And yell rude words from their trucks
I lay as a baby, I barely can walk I demand "up, up" and my mom picks me up. I stand as a small girl, balloons in my hand. "Do not let go" I've been told,  but I let go to see them go up.
No job, no car, always asking others to buy her things.  Mom, will you get this; mom will you get that. Months pass and now One job, one car in her own name, only buys her own things
I feel diffrent feelings but one feeling I hate is pressure I try to live a peaceful happy life but pressure can cause me to do things I regret
faces the ones we show the world and the ones we don't a reflection of what is inside imperfection will you face it
  We all were one of them We all wanted to grow up but not me  Grow up more like Shut up We grow up and keep secrets are friends are family are self
We’ve been through a lot, Haven’t we? It’s been pretty hard, Don’t you agree?   One friend for many years, Belitting, Dismissive,
A caterpillar does not transform into a graceful butterfly within a day. It is the accumulation of days, weeks, months, for the caterpillar to build on itself,
Blazing, the brazen orb frenzied with greatFlashing, its flame in crackling blasts of heat.Fusion follows fission in frantic gait.Bloated gluttony or the bawdy teetIt slavishly seeks to gulp, whorish trait! Yet Helios possesses grave powers.Explos
The world in your hands Everything was given You learned abundance and beauty And that all would be forgiven
You never realize when you are a child that in just a few years your life will go wild. you never think about the responsibility and the fact that you will hold your own accountability.
I had a cat,Not just any cat,My cat.  With little hands,I would stroke her fur, And she would purr into my heart.  I had a cat,Who's black fur turned gray,Who's purr grew quiet.  With hands,Not so little anymore,I pet her one last time.  Because e
Because I yearn for growth I looked in the mirror Does the Growth make you shiver? does it?   I cannot help but stop and noticed that my knowledge increases Does the knowledge make you shiver?
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