The VSCO Girl

Have you heard of

The beautiful VSCO Girl?

Her undeniable beauty is

Designed to amaze you.


She wears Burkenstocks, assuming

An air of indifference.

Donning her oversized T-shirt

She goes SKSKSK.


Her messy buns are created,

With care and design,

But she acts as if

She woke up a dime.


Her actions scream Tic Toc

As she continues her dance

Wondering, Why

Can she not get famous?


She looks at her fifty-

Pack of scrunchies, galore

And she continues her  journey

Out of the store.


She breathes the air of carelessness,

Claiming her natural beauty,

Allowing herself to

Succumb to her duty.


Every twelve year-old girl

Looks upon her

Wondering, When can I 

Become just as similar?


Each like a row of Polly

Pocket designer dolls

The array of VSCO girls

Peruse the halls.


Coming in trios, triplets, 

No less

They continue their journey

Ignorant of the mess.


Claiming individuality,

They act like the best

But they truly just seem

Like all of the Rest.


What is unique about this 

VSCO costume she carries

Other than her effort to 

Act out of the ordinary.


Now I just see, 

The VSCO format

Pasted and pasted

Like my family doormat.


This myth, this legend

Who can she be

But just another phase

Like lemongrass iced tea.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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