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This is my lucky day, or should I say it’s my luckiest day I’ve killed two birds with one stone on this occasion To be more precise, I’ve achieved three aims at once
Do we ever think about the things we create? The small things and the large things that we drag with us through time, the phases that we promoted that we thought would last forever in our minds  
O expectations, what a blessing in a curse You taught me to want more from myself   Without you, I'd be feeling so much worse No longer just a bland book on a shelf  
We think we are invincible, trusting our bodies to extreme levels Holding our drinks to be downed before daylight while sucking out the moisture from our skins in the cold, damp moonlight
"You must do well." But why? "You have to. You have to fight, you have to climb, no matter how rusted the latter is. "You have to do better than me." "You have to outshine the others."
One time I talked to a stone wall, and it was just like talking to you. Except without the interuptions. I say, Hey, Wall, what's happenin'? You think you're trapping me,
 Expectations are high But not quite to the sky Not sure there is a time Where I won’t be sublime I almost wonder why
If I was an instrument Just currently crafted As I am    The old sounds would come from my fresh body  And startle those near   My simple, small, structure
when I think of the word "Life", I think of a flower. The seed gets planted, gets water and get shine on by the Earth`s light. It then gets fed with pain and heart.
Queen B Queen ME “To know love is to know pain” Fall in love Kiss him Fulfill his fantasies Before they turn the lights out That one love that ripped my heart out Be strong
When you think about yourself, and who you really are, do you picture someone in the shadows, or a blinding bright star? But who you really are is completely up to you, because everybody has
I am worth more than a once over, Do you know how long it takes to look this great? Sun-kissed skin and raven black hair, I am unique and I do not need you. I am not meant to be a secret,
She falls asleep without a sound
Look back to the days of joyfull sounds
There is a beast inside gnawing its way out from within the flesh of a confined soul
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
From time and time againyou proceed to statehow you expect more from me,how you expect me to reachsuch high expectations,and how you know that I havethat potential to do so.
You seep away Into my reserve of affection That iconic muscle subject to pains of my own obsession A first glance through a marked window Couldn’t mask the feeling of the clock running slow  
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