when I think of the word "Life", I think of a flower.

The seed gets planted, gets water and get shine on by the Earth`s light.

It then gets fed with pain and heart.

Soon after that it starts to bloom, showing the World it`s beauty.

Than all of the certain that cold water that once felt cold stop feeling like that.

The Earth`s light stop shining

The beauty it once had went into hiding.

That wonderful feeling faded.

That feeling of lonely rush on like a heraken.

Darkness becomes reality.

After the flower goes to sleep, getting use to being alone.

The World than open its eyes again.

The light comes out shining like a bright light ball.

The water feels even better then before.

Lonelyness faded quicker than a rain cloude.

The beauty came back like it never went away.

That`s what "Life" is to me


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