Sat, 11/01/2014 - 02:57 -- sam03


There is a beast inside

gnawing its way out from within

the flesh of a confined soul

from within the mind of the young

boxed in the standards of tyrannical expectants


There is a beast inside

the turbulent candence of the heartbeats

masked under the monotonous voices of everyone

biding its time to growl

to show the crowd its immensity


There is a beast inside

the walls of the powerful

painted with the crimson sweat of the commoners,

adorned withe golden ornaments

laced with the empty promises


Then the beast inside

saw the light from the hole

from wich its talons will take its liberty

and its tongue will finally spit 

its poisonous remedy


Then the beast inside

grew stronger

as they cut its talons and tongue

bit by bit it's shredded to pieces 

Drops of blood became a pint

until it flows, slowly bathing the other beast inside

the flesh of the confined souls,

the brain boxed in the tyrrant minds 

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