'fight the fears scholarship slam'

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Prince Charming was the one for me, He was meant to save me from my tower. My Queen encouraged me to wait for my Prince Charming,
Part 1- Mind Games Anxiety I have to be perfect I have to get good grades I have to be better than others, being compared is not an option My mom, sister and I have to be happy, no crying, you are weak
Oxygen, wound so tightly in my chest Bound by the web that holds my heart hostage Spun by a spider who knows me A mastermind of deception, Of winning the situations spelled out for me By some greater power
With a gun to his chest, wounds self inflicted: What were his last moments like? As he bled out, face down in the grass; all alone with his final thoughts. The night my best friend took his own life.
Hail Mary... Am I saying this out loud? Full of grace... How'd I get up here in the first place? The Lord is with thee... Who talked me into this? Blessed are thou amongst women...
Not everyone sees me Some may not even now that I am there Not everyone knows who I am Some may not even know that I exist I hide on stage, back I am a name on paper, not a name in lights.
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
Because she is afraid she will die before it Sits in my lap hissing This hollow poltergeistOf what could be My dad calls me selfishFor not taking care of my Abuela and her imaginary cat
Looking down on me are commited eyes. The eyes of a man. Behind the stare lurks Forever and her lover Future. Their mercy is gone as their intentions become clear.
Thump. Thump. I stand in complete darkness Thump. Thump. Waiting for the curtains to creep open.   Thump. Thump. Knees Shaking Thump. Thump. Heart pounding Thump Thump
Many people judge me for what I wear Many people judge my appearance   Many people stare, as I pass by on the sidewalk
    Kneel down On the ground Lift the earth Sift it Through your hands They're desert sands Insecure ashes Shimmering under rays   Stand up Stand tall
They called out my name. The class clapped. They know me,  But they don't see how, my stomach was knotted.  My heart was pounding.  Beating. I couldn't see anything  My vision was black,
When life is no longer mine save the series of smiles and know it’s been hard, these past few miles A race.. No, a chase? From what I fear most  To know that my body might inhabit such a host
Time crawls by in my chaotic whisper,an observer hidden in plain sight.  Guarded hearts with razor wires, sick smilkes burned my soul, hearts into ribbons.
  Now this is a story all about how I plan to turn my own life upside down And I’d like to take a minute so Just read, dont hassle
Fear is not something you're born with Fear is not something one must hold on to, Yet so many of us suffer from different fears. The unknown, death, public speaking  Those are some of my greatest fears, 
I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Now or never. After all, what have I got to lose?  
3 words, 8 letters that's what I said After many years -of questioning   You stood there frozen in fear or pride I don't know for you never replied   Oh those words,
It was all or nothing, and I wanted nothing to do with you.   It was only instinct that I fear you with, with your fabricated smile and masked appearnace. While others laughed in a party game, I wept in a ball pit.
They watch me Like predators hunting prey They approach me In an intimidating way They scare me With the meaningless words that they say.
Fly young bird Away from your cozy nest. Leap to the sky  And Fly. Fear not the unknown  For all is unknown The Present and Future. Fly smart - Fly straight
Introverted I am no more as I walked through the door I feel welcomed here but there he is near the tour guide who is to take me on this new ride I have a question for him 
All of my life I tried fitting in. Little did I know I was living a sin. Not caring what I did nor who I hurt, I was looking for a way out of the dirt. I wanted to feel special; I wanted to be loved,
Sorry to break it to you but  Conquering a fear is not slaying a dragon. There is no high nobility, no blood-earned praise. Where is the clanking sound of a sheathing blade?
Be the masterful orator of I, That foretasting youth should euphoric beam; Truth, Truth the savior possession of my.   Though foreign pervade with “noble” act high,
I was a boy, it appeared Running or walking, it followed Crying or laughing, it loomed It was attached  I sobbed  Slowly, it grew   Quick, I hide it  Expose it to light Its a part of me 
The thoughts in your mind can consume your life.  They can cause more damage than a gun or a knife.  The difference between thoughts and weapons,  Is one ends it all and the other, you have to live with. 
The thoughts in your mind can consume your life.  They can cause more damage than a gun or a knife.  The difference between thoughts and weapons,  Is one ends it all and the other, you have to live with. 
Take a stand and "be a man" They say But what is a man to me?   Is a man whose chest is hairy and burly and whose biceps are ten inches wide? Is a man whose smell is of oak and musk
                      When I look at that face there is nothing in. This world more clear then what I see, this is someone who’s achieved nothing. A being so afraid to change it does nothing but stare.The embodiment of sadness and anxiety.
I can't stop thinking about you Now don't go and flatter yourself I don't miss you I don't miss what we "had" I don't miss it at all
I went to Disney for my Senior trip The dance team and me could not get a grip. My frinds were excited and so was I Till I realized it was time to ride. Rockin Roller Coaster goes upside down
Pity parties and depression. Wrapped all up in my emotions. Feeling's are hurting with no medicine for alleviation.  Visions and dreams. This soul of mine. Is overflowing with ideas, not bound by lies.
about half of the poems for this contest seems to be about stage fright and about how they overcame it with all their might so should i add my own or just be one of the clones   but im afraid 
 I simply can't smile like I'm still me I can't fake it  I couldn't try to be all I can anymore but that’s not good enough for them I can’t take this pressure anymore Fake smile on my face
It was a sunny summer day, I was playing outside with my sister in our backyard my parents cleaning the garage out before the end of the season.
Fear is change. Fear is not knowing Why something is happening. Fear is not being able To control your life. Fear is waking up
The feeling of dread  curdles in my stomach  wishing I was dead  out of breath at the sumit   I stood with my legs shaking  tongue twisted and tied a pressed on smile I'm faking 
the poison of your words has done nothing but strengthen my stomach, the muscles taut beneath the skin. the powder on my tongue from the pills worth the retching and trembling bones,
Oh how I wish I had a blue flag No longer chained by what's inside. Oh how I wish I had a blue flag. Hoping life would become simplified. Vast as an ocean, mysterious and unknown
The glove scraped my face. I fought the anxiety. I will not lose this.
  The walls keep closing Gasping and reaching, trembling Cold, Dark, Can Not Move The walls keep closing
Surrounded by an unnatural darkness Secluded within a lake of emotions Beyond the lake and the darkness Behind a door Lies an escape May it lead onwards to another lake Another door, another darkness
What would you do if you knew tomorrow wasn't guarenteed? If medical coverage became your greatest need? Could you live your life in pain all day? Would you have a career if at home you had to stay?
When I was younger, the possibilities were endless. My dreams were all in reach, but now I forget this. A feeling of freedom I no longer remember,
    Let the drops glissade fiercelyAnd blaze their trail unrepentantly.Bless them, that they may bleed with no contradiction. Oh please,Do not let them be licked awayBy the hasty tongues  Of public decency and decorum,Pride and chauvinistic conven
She is, a woman Strong and bold Independent No need for a dependent Striving and driving Down the road of success Competing and beating   She is, a woman No need for a tuition
In the storybooks, we hear about the heroes who fight the bad guy. Implying that we must always fight back . Must we always fight, sometimes I want to fly. Or does that mean it is bravery I lack?
Crutches. Two of them. One strapped to each arm.   That’s the first thing they see, But do they see me?   Stares.
Looking into a somber, empty future Bequeathing a speech to a room of strangers Plummeting into an empty abyss.   Becoming a guardian of your psyche Acknowledging the precedence of friendships
It’s not something that is talked about but it shows Feeling like you’re floating on air just to turn a corner and have your wings cut off To crash on the ground wishing there was another way
Fear, as I’ve found, isn’t worth a damn.     Fear is low sometimes, like on Scuffed elbow Saturdays when
I’m on a boat. I’m 7. I remember boats can capsize. I begin to doubt the integrity of this boat. I panic.   I’m in a car.
I met her when I was ten She was the stranger at my door. The dog barking at me from across the street. The tree branch knocking on my window in the dark.
I know that friends come and go But why you left, I’ll never know I do not know how I became so attached To someone who could leave my heart in half  
Nervous as a bitch Palms are sweaty and hot and cold chills. Standing there faceless with
She walks on the side of caution She dances in the shadows of failure She cries tears of unspoken words Even through the fear of the unknown She is blessed with grace and beauty
Don't expect that others will understandDon't expect they'll give you a handDo expect that on the other sideYou see their thoughts as fading demands Don't expect that you won't falterDon't expect your nights won't be longDo expect that the time it
Mommy. I’m sorry I’m not more like my sister. I failed my math test today. Mommy. I’m sorry I’m not more like my brother. I didn’t win a medal today. Mommy. I’m sorry I don’t always make you happy.
Stand up about to fight, but it’s already won I try to prove myself, but wind up looking dumb And everybody’s round’ the corner, ya they’re sneaking up Saying that my fear is really only missing guts
inside the golden cageshe sits alonesinging sweetly for the ears to hearhow charming, they chitter, how delightfulif only she didn’t look so dullwith such weary eyeshas she no care for appearance
Walking,  Climbing,  Attaching myself to the rope.    Friends hold my hand,  they see my fear. They push me forward.    One step,  Two.  Don't look down.  Easy. 
I lay awake at night in the dark room with colors bleached in a fault the only presence is the Darkness eyeing me I shiver
  Age 2: Loud noises Age 4: Monsters and ghosts Age 8: My math teacher Age 10:The tallest roller coaster Age 12: Public Speaking
Death scares me When I forget It takes care to remind That it leaves no one behind Death haunts me Foreshadowing my own demise
He bought her flowers and bangles of gold All she wanted though was his hand to hold Some of his time, and a piece of his mind He thought the way to her heart was through shiny things,
Poor wilted flowers Soon they will be thrown away For what good are they
I hate you!   I stare at you everytime I want to grow You lengthen my ladder in exchange for my company   I don’t want you near me!  
BeatBump BeatBump BeatBump. My heart shouldn’t talk like that But it’s doing it cause I just sat down in a church Heart thought churches were for other people
Be confident in yourself Be fearless  Be respectful Be a good friend to everyone Be strong  Be kind Be giving But don't let people tell you what you can and cannot be
There is no escape. It looms over you As if you’re it’s prey. It looks at you with no regrets, Casting a dark shadow on your life.
what an odd name acompanied with beautiful peace  It starts with an x and ends in an a It reflects her true inner beauty and defines her in every possible way Her name , her identity, her story 
This epic poem is a personal myth about my first time cliff jumping while on a leadership canoeing program in Canada. I went into this trip wanting to become more open-minded, and this is what allowed me to succeed in that quest.
“Don’t let fear put you in a cage” I tell myself every day Affirmations of love and happiness and courage Yet, fear is my life   My cloudy thoughts are laced with fear, Anxiety, anger, annoyance
I fear my life It is scary and impatient With amazing opportunities And deep personalities It frightens; I feel frightened
I fear my life It is scary and impatient With amazing opportunities And deep personalities It frightens; I feel frightened
Just because I’m black  Doesn’t mean I’m on crack  Doesn’t mean I'm differnet  Doesn’t mean I’m failing Just because I’m black  Doesn’t mean I have no education  Doesn’t mean I’m going to rehab  Doesn’t mean I’m going to end up in jail Just becaus
I had met that sweet soul that stole my heart,Those bright eyes that had set me blush,That beautiful smile which had shined besides mine,The amazing mind that wasn´t being understood,
Tick tick tock- all I hear on the clock, and I wish the time would move a little slower.   Drip drip drop- things are filling up the pot, it will overflow if I don’t get to stop it.  
he paid attention to her fake air drummingand took notice to her spacing outhe paid attention to her little hummingwhen her favorite song came aboutperhaps the world was her fear
It’s my turn to speak I’m so afraid I’m forgetting all the words I need to say My legs are shaking Lightheaded, dizzy I walk to the front
Where do monsters hide? they’re in you and around you feeding off of your fears they begin to consume you until you do something   i did something i couldn’t let it continue to eat me alive
I’m afraid I’m afraid of speaking Of letting people know my thoughts and feelings Letting people in and letting them see All my fears and insecurities
Shuddering breaths, an exhale in each step Even for a text message, my breath trembles Planning out my goodbyes To a friend, once cherished
Scared and afraid. Will he see me, or will he have recognized me? Seeing the man who took the pride from me
Afraid and overwhelmed. Life lurking on the outside of my bones, skin still wilted to grasp it as it remains still, untouched and taken away from the naked eye.
I was the bird born of yolk from a master weaver Who built her nest high above with rigor fever. Lady Mist lived upon our mountainous soil,
They say pain is physical A bruise or a scratch They drill this into our brains So this connotation we attach They label us dramatic And dramatic we remain But not everyone is happy
I have anxiety. Why does that seem so hard to admit? It's just a word, nothing more. It's what it feels like... That's what makes it terrifying. Anxiety makes you feel like you're drowning.
Fear, Roots from the darkness of our minds Fear, Holds back what life may unwind   Once fear infests within,
she’s beautiful with curlers in her hair she’s giddy as her nails are painted my big sis 7 years difference she's the perfect example child
I did it. You said just a step out would make a difference in the divide between friends and lovers. Well that step might as well have been a leap for me But guess what? I took the step.
Your blood starts to pump slowly, where you can feel your pulse in your head The sound of your heart racing is the only noise you can hear Your mind starts thinking only about your doubts, of why you're here
Health never lies in this time and age With little to hide and memories that fade Death and Life fight out in the day, Waiting for something to ease the pain  
Drowning, I feel like drowning, Drowning in my uncertainty and sickness,  I quit and say it’s the flu, But we all know the truth, I’m drowning in my doubts and feverish tears,  Back in the beginning, Back at the start, There was an excitement, Tha
The putrid heart, it shows, all the retched places it's been, only i shall fetch it, shield it from it's known horrors, replenish love, save it, — How can I hero
The putrid heart, it shows, all the retched places it's been, only i shall fetch it, shield it from it's known horrors, replenish love, save it, — How can I hero
Once upon a time there was a little girl she did not know her power she did not know her worth Once upon a time  there was a young girl  she did not know her power she did not know her worth
“Always do what you are afraid to do” It is much easier said than done Fear is something everyone feels Yet no one can describe We all fear something different
Now, What can I say,A need to avoid Dismay,But to break away. Learning in closed rooms,Preparing for life, We're groomed,We never assumed.
Now, What can I say,A need to avoid Dismay,But to break away. Learning in closed rooms,Preparing for life, We're groomed,We never assumed.
The search for money plagues the dream Creates a goal of unachievable means Of wanting more than the person above Getting all that money will be tough
I let my fears hold me, keep me in place, Too afraid to even show my own face,  I crumbled and shattered, my confidence gone,  But a little voice was cheering me on, Telling me it's possible to move on somehow,
Fear Conquerer of all,   Fear Sweaty palms, Choking on words,   Fear Failure to speak, Failure to reach out,   Fear No one will see, No one listens,
People everywhere asking and pleading 
Staring blankly at the darkness in front, hearing the ticking of a clock Tick-tock, Tick-tock Panic slowly starts to rise in the shadow-engulfed surroundings
Warm breath and strong smile You could do no wrong but I could do no right. The tension could be cut with a knife. As I leaned into you And I kissed you. But you didn't know That I couldn't be tamed
Going first. So easy it might seem. It starts feeling like a dream. It's rattling me from within.  How bad can it be? Like the calm mellow sea. Everyone is looking at me. I feel anxiety.
Through my life, I’ve had to fight going up and down  pushed around, put down, going up and down  Cheated and lied, punished and  cried, going up and down  At the bottom, could no longer fight, going up and down 
I am timid A flacid shell of broken catacombs When the world tries to pull me in I dissapate I turn to sea form, I refuse to assimilate For I am so scared that today will be my judgement day
it is not my fault and it is not their fault, but still it bites and it burns like a cut full of salt   now i live in the vault,
Through small eyes and a smaller perception I could see the waters rise Opted out on my own election Couldn't bear the size Waves marking no stagnation Claims of fun are mere lies
Who is Society They are inspirational Exciting Trendy A place to be warm Massive But Who really is Society They are mean Horrible and Cruel They say things "Loser"
“Have a seat, please” met my ears I sank into the seat and settled in Its easy comfort lured me in    The cushion was simply too good to be true  It was too soft, too snug, too seductive 
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She dips her purple, sparkling toe in the pool glowing blue and waddles to the diving board, steps onto its stage. Her round, sunburned cheeks
Hope, once held for me, now lost Paralyzed by their words of unhappiness Staring down from their high place in my heart I feel small and unworthy   Requests of forgiveness are heard and ignored
Forward is all we ever know The change from inside Outward shame to hide Toward the present answer, "No." Who are they to tell me The personality That resides deep within me now?
It gnarls its jagged teeth towards me "Dare you step this way?!" The booming rasp of the voice nearly struck me down Shivers crawled up my skin It's just a decision.
Fear is crashing on me like a wave Saying that I’m not enough Saying I’m still not enough   It reminds me I’ve never been brave
the fear of failing is stronger than the  fear of the world outside my comfort zone. the expectations:  seem to keep growing:  my own insurmountable mountain.  How will you do this?
the fear of failing is stronger than the  fear of the world outside my comfort zone. the expectations:  seem to keep growing:  my own insurmountable mountain.  How will you do this?
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