Fat Girl With Food In Her Teeth

Nervous as a bitch

Palms are sweaty and hot and cold chills.

Standing there faceless with

Judgement eating my confidence.

Laughs and giggles

What's so funny?

"Big eh shit" Hearing your technicalities

is like slowly walking on gravel

With every piece getting closer to my veins.

Now I walk to the back of room

so that I won't be noticed in plain sight.


Where is he?

Did he mean to graze my arm?

What he mean when he said I got you

Uh Oh

Make sure you don't talk like that

Have you seen him? 

I should just shoot my shot. 

But he will never see you like that, sis. 

Now I just write about the guys that I desire.


I’m trying to take leaps.

Strides to make myself whole.

I did a good job of convincing you of who I am. But I am stuck  

getting smaller by every moment I’m still here

Only faith can stop it from caving in on me.

“You are amazing.”

Either way, I’m going to take up space.

I’m supposed to be rare but simplicity is awfully familiar. Just like them.

as everything closes in on me I will use every inch of time to be awfully strange





This poem is about: 



This is beautiful and raw. I can feel the pain.

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