' 'fear' 'lost' 'alone'

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Would that the Gods bound me, Entombed me, Contained me. Perhaps I amuse them. Grafting the arrow on the rose-
You were sick, I was just  The online doctor Guessing explications I tried to help, But can’t really do anything At all
Standing on a woody bridge A bridge of despondency. with a gaze fixed to the sea of turbulence walking endlessly on the shore of sorrow Thy heart, toxicated and abandoned.
Another time Another universe When my world green, These dreams These things Never are to be Crossing the gold Valley Of death and pain A second time A second place
​Traces of flickering light glimpsing over lightless faces lost in the lands they shall call home. Faces, therein lostness, close but not close enough, alone together under an unfamiliar sun, sinking and sinking.
My eyes close.I'm holding ontomy memoriesand hatred.My slumberall alone in my head...so silent.I can't explain the waymy tears run blood along my veins.If I let go of my pain,
These waves of emotion out of control as I sit by the freeway with no control All alone yet thousands who see me The voices are saying there here to get me
You say you see something pretty in me   Like nothing you have ever seen before Maybe it's the fact I see myself all the time. But I see nothing at all when I look at me.
Dear every boy who asked me out in middle school I hate to break it to you but I will break your heart It’s not that you are a bad person
I'm lonely but I'm still alive...
Lost         Confused                       Alone What happened?   I was walking in great company But suddenly,                      that company deserted me    What will happen
 i think about it all as i lay here on this sofa alone,doing my best to walk the right pathas i struggle to change my life,,,, so many claim i'll be there when ya needsomeone to talk to for support,but like many before now, where ya at?reminds me
Life is a movie. I seem to be caught mid-scene and there is no plot.  
I'm scared that I am the only right Not existing is my biggest fear Dodge this pain but feel uptight Feels like I am not here
Fear when I think that I think of when you left me. I never wanted to feel that again, so I became protective of myself and who I have. Anytime she'd leave with some other guy I'd be worried she is never coming back .
I like lightly lit rooms, the way the sun would dance to the tune of the spinning earth.  Yet we as people would turn away to such a sight, hide from the light and ignore its worth. 
People don't see me They see that quiet girl They see that weird girl They see that dumb girl They don't see me   People can't understand When I laugh, I want to cry
tell me  tell me  what the truth the truth about why it rains why blood is red  why it snows  why I am  alone why am I cold like ice I know why my lips are blue 
Are we ever going to put it on display That clearly unclear discomfort that brings us soo much shame?   Can we ever stand soo tall? Stretching thin, -a brittle break-  
"I will hold you till the end of eternity" The few words she valued but caused her grief She failed to understand eternity for him was just a short time
Nobody around. Surrounded.  Find a way out.  
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