Scared Allie- Cat

I like lightly lit rooms, the way the sun would dance to the tune of the spinning earth. 

Yet we as people would turn away to such a sight, hide from the light and ignore its worth. 

And I too am part of the majority, who are scared to embrace the natural and fall to conformity. 

For I am an "Allie-Cat", for the fact I dont' know what is right.

I am scared to embrace what could once be erased.

So, I change myself,

Makeup, diets and more. Yet these things did not make me more cared for.

In the end, you are all like me, scared and not yet ready to be free. 

Fortunatly for me, cats have resilience

The next step for me,

Is overcoming all my fears and embracing brilliance.  

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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