Mon, 03/04/2019 - 12:05 -- Jal3n


when I think that I think of when you left me.

I never wanted to feel that again, so I became protective of myself and who I have.

Anytime she'd leave with some other guy I'd be worried she is never coming back .

Then I see how she does, she is nver gone for good.

She made me overcome fear of loss

She told me and showed me

I still am overprotective but not becaue of her

No I am protecting her now

From any guy that tries to do harm to her or our relationship 

Because she is special

She is the reason I can let my guard down 

She has made me realize that it's not my fault that they leave, they just don't realize

What I have to offer

No matter how good you can be

They still

Won't realize it 

They just want more

I understand that they left for a reason

They weren't right for me


But she is everything I need

she made me overcome my fears

And it is for the better


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