All alone

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 08:45 -- Aws

My eyes close.
I'm holding onto
my memories
and hatred.
My slumber
all alone in my head...
so silent.
I can't explain the way
my tears run blood along my veins.
If I let go of my pain,
I'll cease to be, give into the plague...
War is coming,
I can hear it in my heart.
Blood will flow
along the grounds of the innocent.
I can't deceive
the darkness anymore...
I'm letting go, I'm losing control of myself...
you beat me down,
so low and now
I'm crying out my soul.
I'm losing control.
I have led myself to a place 

where I can't feel my face...

A body left behind with no face,

feeling numb.
All alone, I cry here,
fading into nothing.
All alone I lie here
...losing myself...

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