just another mystery,

 i think about it all as i lay here on this sofa alone,doing my best to walk the right pathas i struggle to change my life,,,, so many claim i'll be there when ya needsomeone to talk to for support,but like many before now, where ya at?reminds me of a time long ago,, where did all my real friends goor was they just another moment of time,that i walked the beatened path besidehigh out of my mind,, lost forever in time,,,, i guess it really is the way i picturedjust a moment of emptiness within a dream,looking out to where i have beenas i slowly make the change,,, forget what they claim to besooner or later they show that true color,it never fails,, it's just the way it rollswake up in this room alone filled with aches, but let me tell you ,it's alrightbecause i know how to make it work for me,stand up and face it alone that is methat is how i survived those pain filled nights,,, locked up inside of a cell of helllooking out onto a range of shame,i stare into the void of who i wasas i slowly turn to go to another world ,,, feeling happy,, feeling completethat is all i ever need,so hell with those fake ass folksthat claim to be real about it,, yeah i know, just turn the page and move along this roaddo my best to forget yesterday's achesbecause no matter how you look at thingsi always find your just another mystery,, 

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i'm needing alittle help here please,,

when i copied my poem and then pasted it in the body part it wasn't like it is now after i submitted it and it posted,, why did it turn out like it did,, what did i do wrong?

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