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he's a liar. fear whispers in your ear, looks over your shoulder, places his cold hands around your neck.   "you can't possibly do it," he says. "thinkthinkthink
Her moods were inconsistent, like when a clear sky suddenly begins to rain. It wasn't foreseen; yet, it drove her insane.   With the flick of the switch, the lights could go out.
The thing I fear the most is myself. Not because I am a brute. Not because I consider myself dangerous. Or that I am outspoken. Or that I am a pariah.  
The first day of my life, They knew of my uniqueness, My vulnerability, My illness. The hole in my chest, the dastardly abnormality, Had set my coming years as harsh and unsettling.
A gifted talent no one's found Watching a TV with no sound Eating chips that crack too loud No verbal contact, I'm too profound To hide behind your lies and hold truth You're subtle but I have no proof
Creeping through the silent night Floor boards eerily echo throughout the house. They’ve come before, Now they’ve come back. Seventy-five percent
It progressed as a thought, Developing into what were my emotions I Wanted, I thrived, to be oblivious, Pushing Through, Breathing air I felt I didn't deserve I didn't think I needed a savior,
She called me again, she always will Some girls I know went through it And the fear of it makes me ill   I was up with her for a while ‘til
Your skin, Seedier than a slice of multigrain toast.   Your lips, Dryer than a drought in Death Valley.   Your nose,
Stop being a liarOwn up to your mistakesStop being a liar Don't you see you're a disgrace ? Stop being a liarTears falling down my faceStop being a liarYou're a manipulating slave
I was afraid of me There were things I'd never told a soul- Not even my own,  For fear that life as I had known, Would crumble, Indeed I was afraid of love and afraid to love,
"Baby" he calls from the other side of the door  "Baby Im not going to hurt you again Im sorry" The five year old looks up at where her mother is in front of her and begs to go out
Every time I look at you a chill runs through my body You remind me of all the things I have failed to do You prevented me from doing many things  You hurt me when I needed you most
when i was six years old, i dropped my mother's porcelain on the kitchen floor and i'll never understand if it was on purpose.   reprimanded for the scattered pieces, i explained to her
My feelings terrified me My anger choked me My sadness drowned me And I blame you, your selfishness, your vanity, your malice. And yet, you have inspired me; you made me yearn You made me wish;
I look down at the keyboard my hands are not mine where are they?   I look in the mirror and eyes that stare back are empty
As a kid in kindergarten, I was quite good at making friends Constantly conversing, never questioning if classmates were getting sick of me,
i’m not used to being this sad anymore it’s like a distant relative that i once was very close to until i realized that that relationship was toxic and it took all of my strength to cut them off
i’m not used to being this sad anymore it’s like a distant relative that i once was very close to until i realized that that relationship was toxic and it took all of my strength to cut them off
Loud; but steady An unfamiliar stillness in the air forces me to stop my rythmic movement A thin layer of calm engulfs me as I slowly come to a stop Wind can be powerful
My eyes see a battlefield In every path I walk  Fearful footsteps freeze As a familiar sound is heard And vision is suddenly blurred As tears build and anxiety is stirred
In the end, We will all be the same. In the end, She will be the same as he, You will be the same as I. Age, race, sex, religion Will be irrelevant.  You and I will be irrelevant. 
Being forgotten Being remembered Being the center of attention   Being alone Being afraid Being reminded of all the nothing I've made of my life But I won't lose to fear
What's one thing you love? Poetry. What's one thing you hate? Speaking. Well, What about reciting a poem? That's different. How?
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