short poem

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All it takes is one moment, On second, One thought   You don't have to want to. . . Because all it takes Is to feel like you have to   All it takes is one hand, One voice,
Sweet and savoury, Smothered in rich tomato sauce, Adding a pinch of spices like cumin, pepper and garam masala ; Brings in a great combination of flavour and aroma, Making baked beans smell so wonderful.
Those having faith in God, Those praying with utmost sincerity, Get blessings and love to face hardships without losing hope.
Secluded in the corner of a dusty attic, Are things that may be best left static. Secrets left undiscovered and unknown,  Things that cannot be atoned.  Who knows what will be found?    
You got an attitude, You need to go back to grattitude.   Always assuming things. And look what that brings "Attitude"  
we are flocking togetherthere's no-one to leave be the aim and the arrow VVVis for Victory that's a lucky escape
my love,a perfect vestige
roses are red roses are dead  
We are always touchingBut never meetingI wipe the tears that are stainingCan we give it another tryI'm not ready to say goodbyeWhy do endings always hurt the most
by Ariel Douglas (4 June 2018)   Ivory A snowflake drifting down from a cotton cloud Pure as the undisturbed drifts on the top of a mountain
by Ariel Douglas (23 October 2014)   At the end of the world there will be fire At the end of the world there will be pain and war
by Ariel Douglas (31 May 2018)   God’s face is all around us Walking down every street His eyes His nose His cheeks
by Ariel Douglas (14 October 2014)   The world is crumbling before our eyes, War and conflict echoing on the skies. But He is still God.
by Ariel Douglas (17 June 2016)   Empty dorms and empty hearts Raging storms, we're torn apart Lonely thoughts and lonely souls
by Ariel Douglas (22 October 2014)   Worship is more than singing pretty Worship isn't an impression It's not a popularity contest And it SURE isn't American Idol
by Ariel Douglas (14 November 2014)   Lord, I’m getting sick of waiting but I know that just means I’ll have to do it longer God, I want an answer now
by Ariel Douglas (21 October 2014)   Broken hearts, broken spirits In need of love, but never know it Crawling through life small and vulnerable
by Ariel Douglas (28 October 2014)   I am a beast I am an animal I am trapped in an unforgiving cage I am destructive and I am broken
by Ariel Douglas (10 November 2014)   Your body is broken and bleeding Self-inflicted, these beatings Your sin is leaking red from your flesh
Where goes the dark when bright mornings rise, And the sun shows its face after sleeping? The Earth keeps its spin as the sullen night dies, And the moon disappears for safekeeping.
Tree roots riding rail-road tracks, where rivers ran and reeled.   Near wakes of war-stained waters, where the moonlight blazed em' steel.   In parting ways, of praying maize,
to the one whom gravity holds tightest to,   you're an aging collection of thin skin and heavy bones known by a name  passed through the lips of few   with ribs housing
You're walking around with your shades,As naturally as the waves,Walking in a motion,That always starts a commotion,I thought I'll try to get you to fall in love with me,
I think it's so cute, I think it's so sweet, How you always try to lie, To me, It's so bittersweet, Yet, it rots your teeth, And it keeps you from believing me, I just don't understand,
I stare at a glare behind an empty screen  
We were kids turning pages, in a couple year long love story and it ended pages ripped, i'm sorry.    My starry eyes didn't last, dear diary, I kept them waiting, then left them
To write about happiness is unmarked territory and I wonder what it's like over there. I wonder what it's like to be in love with being alive.   Is it like entertwining my hands
every time you pay me mind i think i'll find  a new light in your eyes and every time you brush by i think you might decide to hold me tight but every time i think i'm right you kindly remind 
Poems fall explicitly from my mouth.  Demons crawl explicitly in my head.   I'm never sure how to handle the speed at which both are produced. I just know that I amd the only thing between them
Five little words swim round and round in my head, You'll never be good enough, Because that's what they all said.
I gave up on life too soon And cried when I couldn’t go back. Poetry has helped me go back.
some people strike oil when they dig deep for me it was words each time a drill bit hit me, bored a hole in my soul with unkind words, unwant, I wrote, to have some form of pain that
The desolation of one's existence is a challenge Thoughts are rampant with no expression On this facade of emptiness lives love one so powerful, one so nurturing. When there is nothing we must overcome to build something to live off of. She will b
And in her sorrow, he brought joy In her emptiness, he spun life In her darkness, he called the sun In her heart, he rebuked her demons.
by Ariel Douglas (19 February 2016)   Breath In my lungs Tears On my face Sun Setting on All my dreams Desperate Crying out Stranded No escape Deserted
Tell me, brother, what do I do with a broken soul? Tell me, sister, why is sadness all I know? Tell me, father, why do I feel so alone? Tell me, mother, how do I make a frail heart whole?
The more she learned about the world,  the easier it became to pull her apart, to tear her limb from limb until there was nothing left.    The more she learned about human cruelty,
He keeps me up
he sat down beside me
Chasing you until you
I don't miss the color of your eyes;but the way they looked at me as if I were all that mattered.I don't miss the shape of your lips;but the way they felt as they grazed the surface of my skin.
I used to think it was beautiful To sacrifice yourself For someone you love Until someone I loved Sacrificed himself For me
A man making songs, Too much money, unreal fame, On cloud nine he stands, Depression seeps slow but firm, A dreamless king, making dreams.
You ignored those who love you.
Tick tock  Goes the clock  Father time whispers in my ear  I'm flying by  Catch me if you can 
I have lost my mind. I dropped down to my knees and screamed "Help Me." but I was all alone.
Your arrow filled with poison A venom none can cure Release the bow So may know You killed his love for her.
aloofa loofafloating in the bathshe knows the truthabout me
My poor little orphaned country.... Nobody watches over you, nobody cares. There's only a leader that sits back and stares.   You are left out in the cold, all alone to be attacked.
I. open the window ___to the wet grass and mud ___turn back to the corner where the house drips blood
The one percent or the ninety-nine percent – just mathematics? I gaze at In God we Trust on this single dollar bill.
The face of the cliff, grim, unapologetic, laughs at the faces of both the master and beast, portending monstrous outcomes.
Words began slipping from the creases of your mouth. I tried stopping them, Catching them with my bare hands, But I couldn't stop them.    I never could control you.
Twilight enchanted Luring me toward itself Trembles in the midnight sky As crescent burns bright Your charms draws me closer to…
Once I told this boy I loved him and meant it. But then he looked at me in such a way, I don't believe even Love could ever describe it.
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