' 'pain' 'depression' 'sadness' 'hurt' anxiety

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Vibrant Oranges and reds that have gone mute Seeming to be in a negative filter Blues and purples coming into a mix A swirling breezes sending chills down the spine  
Are we ever going to put it on display That clearly unclear discomfort that brings us soo much shame?   Can we ever stand soo tall? Stretching thin, -a brittle break-  
Help me! I’m spinning out of control! I can’t seem to stop! I can’t seem to stop. Please, someone help me! I’m ruining everything I touch,
I wish I could drift awayFar from this day,Take off like a jet And never again, lay. Life melt from my skinAnd free who I am within,Lift my spirit from these bonesThat weigh on me like stones.
Today I have done what many have done. Today I have died while still breathing.
I see her, And only her.   The rest of the world is just a blur, But her… Well I see her quite clearly.  
My body is a battlegroundAnd I a scavengerI gauge my skin With hawk's eyeI scan it for imperfections-Scars,Freckles,Pimples,Pockmarks,And then I prey.Usually after a long warm bath
the blackout strikes again eclipse from what I may want the powers out, each wired nerve flickers with some hope then all goes black, extinction has begun. limp movements, bound by a thick murky sludge
Obviously I’m a burden As you said so yourself  Yet you don’t know I’m hurting Or how I cant stand myself   I can never be more Than the man that I am So I walk to the moor
Just like that, I looked up. Up in the sky to look for a sign. The sun ray has penetrated the dark cloud , and gave me hope that life will refine.
When I was in third grade my teacher asked the class to list words that corresponded to the asking of a question. He said to recite words that were used to ask all questions.
Mental state Brave Face Scared beyond repair Living in total Fear   Fear of the People surrounding Feeling like your completely dry and drowning Fear of the next moment
I told my best friend I was diagnosed with depression, an anxiety disorder, and ocd  when I was 13.  Three months after trying to kill myself. 
I went there again You know... The dark place Where I swore I wouldn't go anymore I did the thing I said I wouldn't do again But I did I'm sorry
My number 1 bestfriends You have been there for me in good days and bad days You have watched me cry almost every other day You have watched me grow into a young woman   You have been  a great influence to me
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