dear depression and anxiety

My number 1 bestfriends

You have been there for me in good days and bad days

You have watched me cry almost every other day

You have watched me grow into a young woman


You have been  a great influence to me

On  days when I felt like why am I here

You showed me that my life had no purpose

You and I have a whole lot of history.

The first time I met you was in middle school cafeteria where

I got bullied for being the only hijabi in school. It was the first time

I understood the word "UGLY"

You depression is my very own incurable disease.

I was sad for days in my room where you and I had conversations

Where I begged you to leave but you refused. I also learned about

Sadness from u, how to feel insecure about my flaws.

Every time I thought about you a million of thoughts crossed my mind

I am sorry depression, you got to go


Anxiety another friend from childhood, the reason why I have

No communication to the outside world a shadow that followed

Me around the reason why I took the other way home so I wouldn’t bump

Into any one I know. You are stronger than I am so I let you move in to

I had to fight you before I could face the world

But I am sorry anxiety your membership is no longer required


I started going to therapy in other to be able to stop you and your bestfriend

Anxiety from destroying my life. Because I refuse to let you build a house

In my life I refuse to let you move and become a full part of me

So thank you for 15 years of torture, for 15 years of loneliness cause you

Taught me that no man would ever love me for my flaws , I stand up to

You today to let you know that I have fully accepted my flaws I have fully

Accepted me for me thank you because now I will never be chocked my thoughts

I will never sleep all day in order to avoid. Cause I refuse to allow you to threaten me again.


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