Sweet Freedom, Sweet Death

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 22:37 -- ltsoul

I wish I could drift away
Far from this day,
Take off like a jet 
And never again, lay.

Life melt from my skin
And free who I am within,
Lift my spirit from these bones
That weigh on me like stones.

I don’t want to stay here in misery
I’d rather have my soul set free,
Why remain in this world full of deceit?
No, it’s time for my heart and mind to retreat.

I want to be like a bird, light and free
Nothing holding me back, no stress or worry,
No sister or shoulder, no comfort or brother 
No, not one true friend in my reality.

All that binds, please let me go
The spiritual realm is what I wish to know
Where I can just exist with no struggle or hate
I’ve had it all, all the pain I can take.

Just bury my body, so my soul can rise
So I can be my true self, undisguised,
So my heart will no longer break
In a place my soul will no longer shake. 


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