Mental State

Mental state

Brave Face

Scared beyond repair

Living in total Fear


Fear of the People surrounding

Feeling like your completely dry and drowning

Fear of the next moment

Because the last one felt like torment


Fear of the next lie you must concoct

Since the truth will cause too much of a shock

How can you be happy and ecstatic

When the anxiety consumes you and makes you panic

and you lose yourself in all the doctors and Xanax


They say your brain has something wrong with it’s chemistry

They tell you they can fix it with all this “new” technology

But do they know or relate?

Can they see that you’ve past the limit of side effects you can tolerate?


We live in a world scared of what they can’t see

That most lose their chance of recovery

This illness controls us, changes us

In ways we never approved of


Some say we have a choice in the matter

But would you choose to feel like your brain is scattered?

We make jokes about things like why we sleep a lot

Since admitting things like “I wanna rot”

Is frowned upon and not given a second thought


We live in a world scared of what we can and can’t feel

Wanting to avoid our next meal

We live a world terrified of the next second

Because we hate that our lives haven’t ended

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