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Calculus, how I love your derivatives,It makes my life everything but privative,It solves the most common difficult question man could ask,Why? Next is the Integral, a brave fight betweenLeibniz and Newton, the unstoppable force against the immova
Princess of a darker people than I.   Sara, woeful Wednesday’s child, slighted by God are your ears and eyes – glittering, useless black diamonds.  
The video loads Slower than a snail But once it does,  You wish it hadn't   "Hey guys! It's me, Apollo,
stone i live in a cold world with my cold hands and the cold bodies around me creating creatures i'll never hold statues fill my dinner table and if i imagine they are talking to me they are
You give me comfort in everything you do. Your words dance around in my head like a cloud of dazed smoke.  I don't wince at your touch, even when I don't want to be touched. You're the exception to the rule. 
A baby. The burgeoning garden and the fading day, “You’ve gotten so big!”. A shadow stretched taught, the gradient moon, a falling leaf. How many times will I be born? And in whose arms will I be held?
  No, listen. Heavy hands press down my shoulders Study harder, swim faster. My feet shuffle forward obediently No fight, no flight.  
But I am only a kid. 
When I started making decisions on my own, That’s when I first realized, I was growing up.   When I applied for college, Left home and moved into the dorms, Set up several ‘back-up’ alarms,
Riding the train by myself to me was the biggest sign that proved that I was finally moving up in the world. A sign that I was moving into adulthood.  
I am a seed sprouting in both infused unfertilized and fertilized soil No one can really fathom the highest potential that I could achieve Only after I, the seed, has proved to weather the storms and turmoil
Life may be easy, Life may be hard, And you'll always wonder, How it ever came to be. Life may take them away, Life may make you astray, And you'll always wonder, Why it ever came to be.
First breath, my new worldNewborn legs find footing onThe path of my life
It was then When the skyscrapers seemed smaller That I realized that I had grown taller   A shrinking metropolis An appropriate tribute to the moments passed by With rust from time  
I was a girl who was afraid I'd walk in fear and walk in shame Left, right, left, right, just keeping straight Don't make contact, or you'll be made A fool for being human too,
spent my whole life  in holes of emotion trying (failing) to unlearn fragility until i fell into petals of blooming words (poetry) until i learned delicacy / shattering  the way words scar me
Poetry. An art form that allows you to express yourself.   Poetry. An art form that doesn’t conform to one particular style.   Poetry.
Dear, XXXX You know who you are.  There is nothing in this world you could ever do.               N                 O                    T                      H                         I
Because I love you, I swallow your sins,
What incites the rise from my rest? What keeps the beating beneath my chest? What brings me home like bird to nest And takes me beyond mountain's crest?
Were I trapped and far away On a land out in the sea The most important thing to have Would be a book, a friend indeed Though its sentences will never change Words never will it speak
The one thing that I can’t live without What would it be? I could probably do without my family They’re constant bickering would drive me nuts Love and warmth isn’t always there with them
I woke up that morning smelling like campfire
I am who? Who am I? By your opinion, or mine? By lore or define? This question is hard, thinking by perspective. By yours or mine? Two Different, One Objective.
Every day is spent imprisoned in my own body I try to change, but nobody ever sees me Wishing things would go my way, but knowing they never will I would like to welcome you to my hell
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