What I can't live without

The one thing that I can’t live without

What would it be?

I could probably do without my family

They’re constant bickering would drive me nuts

Love and warmth isn’t always there with them

I’m finding myself running from them more and more

So that would be out.

I could read a billion books and be forever content,

But on an island, is that really all I would do?

Wouldn’t I be more likely to draw on the pages after a while?

I haven’t always known love

So when asked what do you love the most?

I jokingly say food or cats

Because I don’t really know what love is?

But I could live without them for a while.

It’s my art I can’t live without.

I need to create something with my hands

Rather it’s writing long running sentences

Who legs carry them above the clouds

Or drawing characters for hours on in.

I need to create.

I need to make my art.

It’s what makes my heart beat.

What makes it light when I’m depressed

What carries me through all those hard times

All those aches in pains

My ability to create.

I could never live without it.

It truly must be my one and only love

I’ll waste hours writing a novel that I’ll hide in my drawer

Till the dust collects all over.

I’ll rewrite that story 5 times before I’m satisfied.

I’ll redesign the same character a billion times

And each time I’m proud and happy.

I’m content to make art till my very last breath.

My ability to make art is what I could never live without.

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