Elisi Said

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 20:47 -- Keba93

Elisi Said

{Elisi- Cherokee for “grandmother”}

Because I love him, I’d have let him slay the wolf…

But I could have just as easily done it myself.

Because I love him, I waited for him in a tower,

But frankly, I should have climbed down a long time ago.

He thinks the apple put me to sleep…

Really, it was waiting for him my whole life long…

And awaiting some magical kiss

That “once upon a time” was not so surreal.

“Someday, the prince will save you…” they told me,

But Elisi told me, “You better go about your business.”

Still, because I love him, I left behind my glass slipper…

In the hopes he would sniff me out like a bloodhound.

He still didn’t find me…

So, I stayed where I was for a little while longer,

Smoldering by the fire,

Waiting for my prince to come.

Elisi’s words: “You better go about your business.”

But because I love him, when he finally came,

 I let him sprinkle me with fairy dust,

And we flew off some place called Neverland.


Where you never grow old.

Oh no, Prince, I won’t be your little princess forever…

I see what Elisi said, “You better go about your business…”

I’m not kissing no frogs to find a prince.

I put out a thousand glass slippers and waited sleeping in this tower

With a hungry wolf outside wanting but a morsel to eat.

Forget glass slippers and towers;

I’m tired of smoldering flames of fire.

At least the hot, pungent breath of a wolf is worth something should I befriend him.

Maybe my prince will find me, but I’m not waiting around…

Elisi said, “You better go about your business.”

I got my own business to handle.

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My family
My community


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