A Cliche Love poem, When penguins fly

When we fell in love it came unexpectedly.
Similar to car crash on a good night
You were there to hear me say
“I think penguins could fly if they tried hard enough”
I was expecting laughter but instead I got a roaring wave of snorting, crying and I cant breath
behind that wave was you
That's when I fell in love

You had the stars trapped in your eyes
You swallowed a carnerie and when you spoke we could hear it singing from the bottom of your throat
You always wore your hair down, the colors between the shades of black and white
Fell down your back like a rainbow waterfall.

If Dr. seuss and picasso had a daughter
She would be a masterpiece
You would be that masterpiece
Your imagination ran almost as wild as mine did
When you painted people they didn't have a race they were all Black, white, red and yellow.
You always wished that when you popped your pimples chocolate pudding would come instead of puss
While all of the other girls fell for the pretty boys in bands you tripped and fell over your own shoe laces
When your father asks where you are going you would shout. “To have lunch with the bloody Queen of England”
With enough sarcasm that even gullible fell hard from the ceiling
When someone in our friend group says something raunchy you would reply with a random fact about the animal kingdom.
Like penguins do fly… just under water
You would then get shy because interacting with any other human besides me seemed Impossible
You would trace the rocket lines left behind on the sky with your pinky

You were perfect.
When we had our first kiss
as our lips touched the sky started to cry because even the sky has feelings
At night when I rest my head I always think about how one morning i'm going to wake up and give you a rose for everyday we have been together
I let you steal my favorite hoodies and drown them in your hawaiian perfume.
We fight and kiss then make up
We say we like each other
we describe each other as if where were staring at art
And I was
Ever since you laughed on that day when I said Penguins could fly.

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