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You fell for the thought, The theory of me, But clearly In practice I’m not What I seem. ~Sorry not sorry~  
They say not to question God, for His ways are beyond our own. It was a Sunday morning, watching the sweat pour from my father's face as he delivered the Holy Word, "For I knew thee before I formed thee in the womb."
If I were to be stranded Practically left for dead On an island that was without The simple luxury of baked bread   What I would bring with me Is not a book nor journal
Simple wording complex idea Turning gears from what one hears Reality disillusioned Thoughts interrupted Just a thought in mind Lost unless spoken Still skewed when heard
TO BE VAIN:    How hard is it to understand one’s true intentions?   Faced with different interpretations, what is sky blue may be turquoise or teal.  
You tell me I'm unique and they say I'm a freak. Excuse me, sir; but who gave any of you permission to speak?
There is a strange peace in loneliness,
Sometimes when trying to protect Someone else from getting hurt Something’s got to give, usually your heart For the best you toughen up
I began as an idea. Something someone thought up, Creative   I am a reality. A person who breathes, Alive.   I am a skeptic. Make me believe what I see, Imaginary.  
Veils of gold pulled ‘cross the black of heaven, Weep warm summer rain cross meadows of green. Caustic memories wander and beckon,
The Idea of IdeasBy Ariel Randolph Everyone’s opinions around me connects in a way. I, for the longest time, could not label. Up until now, I knew that the peoplewho are young minded and free spirited, or just have that something about them that g
If I can't close my eyes and imagine the endless metaphors  there is no need for these eyes of mine If I can't sway to the flows and effortless quotes that glide from mouths
Infinity is a ridiculous notation its identity is completely out of human comprehension its vastness surpasses the furthest of reaches of all masterly crafted ideas, dreams and speeches
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