I Can Do Anything

If I were to be stranded

Practically left for dead

On an island that was without

The simple luxury of baked bread


What I would bring with me

Is not a book nor journal

Not even a first aid kit, you see

No, an idea is the thing I would bring


This idea came from a boy

Whether I love him I cannoy say

But this boy found a way

A way to fill my head with notions of joy


This joy widened my horizons

His clever quips made me think

You may scoff at my choice

But an idea, you see, can't sink


Once you look at the world differently,

There is no going back

This idea helped me to think

No, helped me to know the difference

The difference between white and black


"You can do anything"
Such a simple idea, really

But it's such an important one

One that we, as a being

Decide to cite as a childish feeling


This idea is empowering

Once you grasp the concept

You truly are glowing

With confidence as your boat


The thing I would bring

If I were on a deserted island

Isn't truly a thing at all

But an idea, a notion, a feeling


With this idea, this notion, this feeling

I can search for food,

Heal my wounds,

I can do anything

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