Twilight Sonnet

Veils of gold pulled ‘cross the black of heaven,

Weep warm summer rain cross meadows of green.

Caustic memories wander and beckon,

Shattered hearts and empty souls, set the scene.


Forgotten music swells empty venues,

Words of a poet are lost to the breeze,

This twilight wonderland can leave a bruise

on your soul and more, your heart it can seize.


Beasts of greed, lust, and sin are falsely garbed

As heroes, role models and plastic gods,

The time between dark and light holds that barbed

truth, that proves the golden twilight is flawed.


Light and dark, both sides of a coin obscure

A masterpiece of black and gold allure.



I love how it's kind of symbolic of that wierd time we're living in, as well as descriptive of a strange other world veiled in twilight.

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