Mon, 09/22/2014 - 02:12 -- Severia

You tell me I'm unique and they say I'm a freak.

Excuse me, sir; but who gave any of you permission to speak?

You think I'll simply turn my cheek? Your labels make you weak!

You stick yourself in this clique and let your outlook sink to bleak.

You're simply sinking in a creek of all the havoc that you wreak.

Now, your interest have I piqued? I beg you; allow your mind to creak!

I know this feeling of thinking might be Greek, but ideas will slowly sneak.

You hear that squeak? Let's turn it into a streak and give that mind of yours a tweak!

Let’s stop all those nasty words that reek and please dear, within the week.

Let those ideas leak through, just let them shriek with their mystique.

You may think my words are oblique but I swear if you let them they'll take you to Mozambique.

You better break that silliness from which you peek and trash that brainwashed meek.

Because honey - ideas aren't for the weak.


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