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When you broke up with me and you said you needed space i was fine with it Because i thought you meant it in a normal way Rather than applying for a job at NASA.  
This day came to a young man. A man said to be the apple of gods eye. But He couldnt understand why why why then why i am HERE! I have devoted my life since I was 15 to this I knew I needed to change the world. But the world Rejected me so cold.
Glittery makeup, Skimpy uniforms,
Rising with the sun starts my everyday Look out to the arena and see a mere Horses and boots are my life Ride everyday with no fear   I am constantly throwing hay Year after year
Hours, minutes, seconds of my time.   Tic; Mathmatics
Find the current throught the resistor to get an A. But keep in mind the dependent source is in the way Of the capacitor--wait--it doesn't matter that the inductor it stuck there
Too many times have I heard people say "I wish I did that"   I was one of them Always wishing but never doing
Math flies in the air; we live with it. It complements us as nothing else does. There you are, there you go. And we are a whole.   A 4 year college career.
                       The fire is the world The smoke sits                Can it always be?-- Never!     Smoke back to fire                    We envision the imposible
Holy Spirit creating enlightening changing the world 
We live in a world where we dont need to get to know someone Cause' we're able to judge.
The stress of this workload Is causing me to go insane. It's starting to hurt my brain, Feeling like it's going to burst And cause eternal pain. I start to question At the end of the road,
The building blocks needed to survive in this society are becoming scarce to many young people today, myself inculded. That of course is money.
Progress does not come without struggle,that is what my mom would say.So changing the world wouldnt be easy,take it day by day. They teach you God, Family, then Future
I'm stuck in a place that is good for me, It sucks, its hell ,it's weak to me. Academics are great, and so is the school, But the people all here act like a fool. I go to a school that's a hidden gem
I am not a stereotype So leave your uneducated black girl Fried chicken And nigga behind Don’t characterize me by the color of my cashew skin But instead, take a deeper look with in
Engineering is all around us, and even in our brains. Average people may see nothing, but….   Chemical Engineers see materials composed of carbon chains Electrical Engineers see voltage gains
So, I'm perched atop my study stool, removed from social interactions.  I've become a slave to post-secondary school. I derive equations, not satisfactions. I've been solving for x longer than I can recall, 
Some advice I consider the bestSurprisingly I got it from Mr. West"If you admire somebody, you should go 'head and tell em'People never get the flowers while they can still smell em'"I met you in my freshmen year
I'm a child.  I'm curious about everything I see.  I ask too many questions. I have dreams of changing the world. I imagine the unreal and make the most out of simple things.
0A1l0l1 n0a1t0u1r0e1, 0S1p0l1i0t l1i0k1e0 c1a0p1p0i1l0a1r0i1e0s i1n0t1o0 t1h0e1 u0n1k0n1o0w1n0, 0W1h0e1r0e t1h0e1r0e m1a0y e1x0i1s0t h1o0p1e 0a1n0d 1e0x1c0i1t0e1m0e1n0t,
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