This day came to a young man. A man said to be the apple of gods eye. But He couldnt understand why why why then why i am HERE! I have devoted my life since I was 15 to this I knew I needed to change the world. But the world Rejected me so cold. said why do you try you wont make it. So i am sorry but you are proudly mistaken. Do not act fake in the front of others. Its not true i said the number persson who belives is my mother. And i will change this world for my kind so I will light the candle in the cave and act brave. and show my peers what I have made. Very innovative they will be screeming im so glad you made this, but for now I calm down and retweet back to my batcave and engineer my skills to best perfection so when the time comes I`ll teach the wolrd my greastest lessions.

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Our world
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