Finding Home


Too many times have I heard people say

"I wish I did that"


I was one of them

Always wishing but never doing

A problem that led me in circles

So many times I became dizzy with apathy

Wishing it would all go away



Until one day I found the answer to my problems

They were right there in front of me

Sitting under my nose, next to the pile of Legos


My own two hands


The tool most overlooked by too many

The same tool I learned to master with years of training

They learned to draw, build, color, write and any fundamental you can imagine

But since they found engineering design

I was unable to see what came next.


They drove me down corridors unknown,

Not only shaping what I did

But who I was

Who I would become.


I finally let my heart decide

And it navigated me well

It took me to the front door of my being

With design as my key

I opened the door


Colors soon began to fill my home

The walls splashed with inspiration

The hallways decorated with ideas

The locked rooms filled with potential and

Me standing at the foot of the steps,

My new home awaited



I searched each unlocked room,

Finding people inside each one

Holding maps to the locked rooms

And with words powered by belief they said,

maybe not in these exact terms:

"We beleive in you."



Along this journey I developed a new dream

To spread happiness through my work

Through every product, design, layout, and model I made

It would be to benefit a cause.


Now I look to my hands

To guide my way,

Through uncertainty and excitement

I know they will take me far.

The question is:



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