'mental health' 'depression' 'anxiety' 'healing'

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I was so Insecure and alone I came to you with no intention of meaning a thing because I was insignificant and ignorant and had no authority in this place but you threw me in with no remorse
Thank you father for making me cry saying I'm worthless and that I should die Thank you father for making me sad because now I love making folks glad Thank you father for leaving me and mom
It would be nice if I could wash away my thoughts in the shower. Put shampoo on my brain and lather away the worry and pain. That would be a grand end, To a (not so) grand day.
My companion anxiety It is time for you to go You're not welcome here anymore But this you already know   Reasoning with you doesn't work Neither begging nor pleading You go away only to return
Dear Anxiety    Why have you strung me up so high  With my nerves at their end, hands and feet tied? People tell me all the time 
Dear Mental Health, We talked about this. You said that if I took my head meds, You said that if I reached out, You said that if I tried,
Dear Lover, I was thrown into a bottomless pit of insecurty.  Trying to dig myself out with a shovel of anxiety, but the dirt kept burying me in self pity.
Somethings missing Something’s empty  Nobody’s listening  Coming close to the ending But it hasn’t even started yet Yeah when you give in life you get  But what I’m receiving is a bet
You are my master, you control my thoughts, my actions. I seperate you into different factions. Basic social functions failing. You are a fracture in my mind. Fear, you coward. Face me like a human being.
Dear Anxiety, I would ask how you're doing, but it seems we're together almost everyday. You've made my life a hell, and it's high time we part ways. Gone are the days of panic attacks and mental breakdowns,
Breathe slowly NO! breathe softly let all of your pains and past inhibitions soothe your troubled mind Deeply inhale And release aal that pent up anger&hurt
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