What I Can Handle


was so

Insecure and alone

I came to you with no intention of meaning a thing

because I was insignificant

and ignorant

and had no authority in this place

but you threw me in with no remorse

never held my hand or babied me

and gave me shoes I could never fill

it was the opposite of what I had known

I had to figure things out on my own

I was terrified to disappoint you

I wanted to make you proud

but I didn't know how

you were never clear on what you wanted

and yet I loved it

but as the years went by

I started to know why 

you did things the way that you do

I looked up to you

and validation was all I ever wanted

all I wanted you to leave me with

when it was time to say good bye

when I told you I didn't understand why you gave me so much

why you chose me for such an opportunity

when I was so insignificant

so underqualified

only able to disappoint

you said to me

I would never give you something you couldn't handle

and thats when I realized

you were the first and only person

who believed in me

that I was capable

had potential

and could handle things on my own

I never knew how looked down upon

and doubted I was

and how capable I was

until I met you

thank you  


I can take care of myself now

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