Goodbye Anxiety!

Dear Anxiety,

I would ask how you're doing, but it seems we're together almost everyday.

You've made my life a hell, and it's high time we part ways.

Gone are the days of panic attacks and mental breakdowns,

Days of loneliness and awkwardness,

Those of sadness and hatred.

I no longer wish to condone your negativity in my life,

I am pleased to tell you I have found someone better;


I am no longer afraid of you. 

I am in a better place and feel no remorse to have you out of my life.

I am happy.

I look forward to days of joy and peace.

Worry-free and positive days. 

I am no longer your slave,

You have no power over me,

Your effects will no longer take a toll on my mental health.

I am happy, happiness is me.

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