Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety 


Why have you strung me up so high 

With my nerves at their end, hands and feet tied?

People tell me all the time 

To just relax, and believe me, I've tried You make me concerned with getting it all doneGot to be spectacular and impress everyone Feel like a failure when I see the setting sunAnd there's still a pile and ten miles left to run My stomach's in knots and sometimes I can't eat My thoughts go on forever and sometimes I can't sleepI'm self-destructive and I harbor defeat Fall to pieces on the floor with the smallest critique  I've been brought up to crave the closest thing to perfectionFollow all my dreams and go in my own direction All with the least amount of failure and rejection It's no wonder I have trouble living up to that projection  I want to be a go with the flow, happy go lucky type The kind that doesn't even try and somehow gets it rightBut you’ve made me someone who holds on way too tight Until their knuckles turn whiteAnd their passion ignites Burning up right through their soul  I don't know any other wayAnxiety, you make me  Whole   

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