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My love and devotion is overflowing So I had to bottle my emotions The ones I'm afraid of showing Because if the book was open You bodied me like Hulk Hogan
  After the traces of your feet walked away,  Freeing her roots,  those for lengths, were weighed heavy into the earth- at the mercy of your dishonesty.
To the boy with the beautiful brown eyes:I remember when you said you hated your eyes because they're brown,You never saw them from my eyes,
I'd choose my happiness over you, Because in the end, When the flowers wilt, and the wind turns cold,  You'll be gone. Looking for someone else to call your home.  So in a question of who would it be?
Dear self, I know you can do it It may be hard but keep fighting it I know you can do it
Yesterday, they said, improve. I said, on what? They said, on you. I said, on me? But my mirror said,  open your eyes to see, 
Dear Fear, I know this won't reach you but I'm writing this letter as a means to an end   Once upon a time I loved you dearly
Who gave you the key to my secret garden? I surely did not   Who gave you the pick to trick the lock to my mind perhaps a deal had been struck, and I not consulted  
I spread the tips of my fingers against the smooth wood of my table- elongated so there’s enough room in the center for a bouquet of roses.I never thought I’d be given roses: a traditional statement.
What am I to your name. Fondness showed me flames, love gave me kindness. Feelings grew like a river to the sea, heart deepen to the greatest, I thought that was it with no knowledge of cruelty all can lead my deepen.
Been this way, Ever and an age, Stuck in the headlights, Yet it's the day.   Busy am I, Tirelessly, Making things work, Unproductively.   Treading water,
​O sweet beaut, so fair and intriguing, At the corner I’m waiting for you; I’m scratching my head, and inquiring, What on earth it were best I should do.
Once, I saw a soul in that shinning mirror and I know what story she has Those misery and pain in the past Killing her yet made her steadfast Everytime I saw her in that mirror I can feel what she has inside
A woman   A beauty in an embroidered frame The master of embassy, its creator That mirror beckons her name, playfully
We met one night You made me feel alive.  Your eyes pulled me in and your lips collided with mine.  Love is a fragile word, and I feel it in me.  You say I'm too young
He left me.    After four years and a million memories, each one now stings like a paper cut soaked with vinegar.   The weight of my love for him crushes my chest and my lungs scream for relief.  
     you were a red rose blind by beauty reaching for    you were razor thorns 
To be in the middle of this, Should I be a friend Or should I be more? Being your friend is wonderful, But being your lover is a beautiful blessing. I'm scared, I'm confused, I'm torn;
My entire life, being in the ocean has been habitually done. You'll find me visiting there during the rise and fall of the sun. If this was a crime, I wouldn't run.
I'm looking at our old pictures They remind me of what we had But I never thought after I left, That it would hurt me this bad. I don't see you very often But when I do it breaks my heart
MacKenzie means Fire-Born, and MacK, Kenz, Kenzie Polie, Pooh, Genji, Chuck, The Oldest Soul she’s ever met, And the Child that Never Grew Up.
MacKenzie means Fire-Born, and MacK, Kenz, Kenzie Polie, Pooh, Genji, Chuck, The Oldest Soul she’s ever met, And the Child that Never Grew Up.
I am a broken promise, A disappointment hidden underneath, I am the words you don't speak, The ones you try to hide behind your teeth, I am the name that you try to forget everytime you whine,
I thought I can do better but I've never been so wrong,You walked away from all the pain I've caused you with my tongue,Trust me when I tell you I won't be like that again,
A real man will know your body is sacred His desires are more than fruit from a tempress' garden  He will be pactient He will not try to decieve If he is a man Then he will only see you
Our embrace so tender Like a perfect drag when the smoke pulls in so gracefully Succumbed to the blissful fog We starved for one another Harmoniously
I’m feeling disconnectedIt’s not unusual I guess it’s because I forgot to think about all the things you said you love about meIt might be because I didn’t go back and look at the length of our phone callsThe heart emojis in your text messagesI’m
My chest has the compiled list of the things I want most A detailed description of their face, to the color of their eyesTo the sparkle in their teethI’ve fallen for the way she looks at me to the way he disagreed with me But according to him, my
Conversation Naeha Inapanuri         i talked to him today
Too many people say, Three words; I love you, And not knowing what that means, I know I've felt that too. But when it came to you, That spark came and went, Confusion jumped overboard,
Because I love you, I've let you in so many times  Maybe I was wasting my time Young boys misusing the word "love" They think they know what it means But it's clear they just want one thing 
Dear J We met at school  5 years ago When i met you it was that cheesy thing on the movies that no one thinks it actually happens But for some reason that day with me it did When i saw you 
Dear J We met at school  5 years ago When i met you it was that cheesy thing on the movies that no one thinks it actually happens But for some reason that day with me it did When i saw you 
Dear Younger Self, I want You to know: YOU ARE ENOUGH, don't let anyone tell You any different, even Yourself.
Dear Future,
Dear Heart,
Dear swiggity swooty (the nickname I refer to you as),
As the daring dawn deludes me, Your fervent fire fades,  Were it surely suffocated silently? Or wrongfully wrought with neglect of my serenades.   For I know, my flaunty faults foster irony,
He was different. But what came with different Was a handful of arguments Mixed with the worst feelings.
Magdalena Garcia 6 February, 2018 Power of Poetry Scholarship The Art of Finding Yourself Before You Know It:
Dear, Mario Torres Jr.,
With a heart of gold she stands alone. Hidden among the tons of gravel and stones, her place of solitude. Walls built high.
We had dreams or as I call them now fantasies we loved each other  in all ways inside and out up and down it was mad and “perfect” but it wasnt real it was fantasy
Dear God,   
You are a self important hero with so many complexes  that I have since lost track of my own senses while trying to count them all  I am sorry that my pain has given you so much grief but it was mine, remember? 
It happened to me once, Its so clear, I still recall. The way my heart raced, the way my stomach would fall.    I remember the excitement of being close. 
Clean canvas Two souls Exuberant passion Unrealistic hopes   We painted our canvas with golden strokes, Shine and shimmer of our smiles, Our sprightly hands flowing free with care,
To the boy that I love You led me to an ethereal paradise Slowly But surely Your smug face Endearing smirk Your voice absorbing me into a million seas Making me forget everything around me
Ambiance Of Quaint Tapestry a mere silohette in upholestered transformation blocks the vortex of my mind
I clenched my hands so very tightly my nails left their sharp mark on my pale winter sickened palms as I remembered
Dear Boy,   You gifted me your heart and I kept it close to mine. It was my prized procession and I was determined to keep it safe. My heart soon grew cold no longer warm enough 
Dear Lover I lost, I’m a doll crafted from scraps of paper. I’m small, I’m delicate, and I sit patiently in silence.
Dear You The one who makes me smile to the point of exhaustion The one who rids my soul of all feelings of doubt and worthlessness You make me feel full
    A Change of Me   As I pace back and forth in an empty room where once was never empty and always full.
Papi Mario Is Not A Goat
Life in a Letter Dear C.A. You know who you are. You know i love you. Why are you so Hung up on her.
Oh so many nights I threw away praying to a god that does not exist to chase away my heartbreak to place a love between my fists. I was blinded by my ignorance how foolish I was not to see
Dear Hands, I’m sorry for how I used to treat you, Like disposable gloves. Creating permanent reminders of what has been and was.
Dear You,   You know way better than this. Just enough, so it shouldn't hurt you. You went through way worst.  This tiny little pain shouldn't affect you.   
Dear first love,
Dear Olivia, October 13, 2017, I tried to keep it all together Struggling to keep my eyes open, I tried to make you remember The great times we had, yet why couldn’t you see them?
Dear Base, I can see it.  Coming, slowly on the horizon, wearing a dress drenched in rain but a smile dripping with love.   I can see her. Coming, slowly on the horizon-
Send me a link to your heart A post about your inner thoughts Text me what you feel and know DM me something real, Don’t ghost me from your soul.  
Dynamite Up Your Ass no one gets by on any free pass with a stick of dynamite up your ass The succession continues Of violent jerkoffs that Are guaranteed to be the Leaders of tomorrow
Nothing made them happy  Nothing made them stay together Nothing was meant to be and nothing was ever the same Nothing helped them break up they were just unhappy and everything was messed up
ain't know love in this Mother Fucker when you put me to the test you'll get a fist not going to stop until you drop there will be no tears in the end took my pistol off then cocked it making my way about my business
She feared her life more than she feared the world She hurt herself more than she was hurt from others What is love when no one even shows it? This time it was different...   He made her blush,
Long Gone Maleek Mayers   Our love is in the past, I knew it would never last...   You fooled me with your alluring looks,
oh very young don't leave us this time we look for things in the envelope from the sky the duration of the clock turns to a chimed lulabye we seek for shelter amidst the flood of dissipation
The moment we met you were infatuated. You were delusional with affection. The way I learned how to conjure words from the inner pits of lust and fondness created the illusion of something far more complex than love. The epitome of regret. 
She called me cuteOnly to find her with another man. Heart shatteredDream crushedBut life goes on.
Her beauty came like a cool wind, sweeping the beast off of his feet. From out of misery and despair she pulled him from beneath.   Scars lined his back and bruises covered his face.
3 years of constant heartbeats With your name written all over my body Red is glowing between you and me Everytime we meet
We both knew it ever since the beginning that the idea of you and I together isn't something notional Yet we're rebels. We still pictured ourselves in an abstract painting hoping to change our destiny
My mind is running wild, Petiently searching for your face. My mind is running wild again, Your absence giving me pain.   Your body is the climax of my story,
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