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Je vais sonner toutes les cloches Pour ton anniversaire de naissance Je vais sortir de mes poches De jolis bijoux venus des belles anses.  
My friends hate me. My mind echoes, With their twisted words. At first, I barely noticed, “Oh, I didn’t think you’d want to come.”
A person’s honest hue only appear on the most dire situations, such genuine pigment are the brightest in tribulations. In such a trial, their tone will either compliment or contrast with you
Wandering the earth with no purpose,   In search of fulfilling the empty glass,    Eyes full of determination to compose,  
I watched it all unfold before my very eyes. I was outcast by you. And it took me so long to try and wrap my head around it all. You stopped fighting for us.
I shelved my memories of you - warm as old paper, edged in gilt, overflowing their rows like the books in the shops we wandered: pages tinted the color of a century, crackling at a touch,
Introvert. The person who needs alone time to feel best energized.   Extrovert. The person who needs time with others to feel best energized.   Ambivert.
Sometimes I confuse my dreams with nightmares, Because dreams for me always end with a scare, Whether it be drowning or embarrassing stares, It gives me all the reason to want to stay aware;
To overcome is hard For me, the first step was just the start We were standing about twenty feet apart I started walking up to them and they put up their guard
I check for a read  Cause then at least I’ll know you’re not dead.  I wait for a reply,  Waiting makes me want to die.  I kiss your face, 
Studying the discovery of this new sensation Knowing it’s been awhile since I had a true friendship. Something so fragile and strong, but still flexible Surrounded by trust, and a bond of mutual affection.
Dear Diana,   All my life There has been a glass pane Separating me from others When I reached out For the touch of a friend
Dear YXU,   It has been a while! How ya been, ya schmuck? I’m busting down your doorway and my blood pressure’s up There’s a small stream of spit Trailing form the rabid corner of my mouth
The day that we met, I thought I was saved. But as we grew, you made me lose my way.  Day-to-day you say you’ll be there for me, that you love me with all of your might. But how can that be,
Dear, you You know who you are You know why you’re far Away, but I don’t care why Whenever I think of you I almost cry
Dear Beautiful, I never thought we would come this far, How we could go from strangers to sisters. The way I can sense when you are unstable or confused,
Dear Ex-Best Friend,
Dear Makala, As we get closer to graduation I see the worry piling in your eyes. You claim that there is much to do. I always tell you the same thing,  
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